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Reading Material at the Shul - synagogue:

Siddur Sefarad, Siddur Ashkenaz, Chabad Siddur for weekdays and Shabbat. Chumash (Gutnick)-Bible-5 books of Moses- used in the synagogue weekday and Shabbat. Benchers- booklet of one or two pages-blessings and prayers after meal used weekday or Shabbat

All holiday meals will be served at our newest restaurant on property, Blues. The Blues restaurant features a high-end, kosher style buffet and a la carte for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hi end Kosher Kiddish wine is provided by all meals (adults only). Blues is located in the Presidential Suites area of the Resort, adjacent to JAZZ specialty restaurant and the Bourbon Street Bar.

Holiday Services

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Shul - Synagogue is open All Day – Every Day

All Holiday prayers will be held at the Synagogue with the resident Rabbi

The Sukkah

The Sukkah will be large, spacious, and beautifully decorated to give you a wonderful holiday experience. Our large Sukkah also gives you the fantastic opportunity to get your entire immediate and extended family together all in one sukkah and celebrate the holiday.

The Meals

All of the kosher holiday food is cooked and prepared by our professional chefs, who is working with us all year round to provide only the best food, under the strict rabbinical orthodox supervision of OK Kosher’s Rabbi Don Yoel Levy and Rabbi Gornish. Rabbi Israel Levin, is the Mashgiach on site following the Kashruth Jewish Dietary Law for Hemishe Shchita, Glatt kosher, Cholov Yisroel and Pas Yisroel. A variety of Sephardic, Ashkenazi, and international menu items is offered. 

The Arba Minim

Every day of Sukkot (except Shabbat) we take the arba minim, a.k.a. “Four Kinds.” This includes a palm branch (lulav), two willows (aravot), three myrtles (hadassim) and one citron (etrog). Arba minim is a man’s obligation. For women, it’s optional but encouraged. The Arba Minim are fragile goods, we will prepare it for you upon arrival in the synagogue, so you have it ready for the morning services. We wave them during the Hallel prayer, and then parade them around the synagogue during the Hosha’anot ceremony.

The Rabbi


Israel Levin, Mashgaich Kashrut, has been appointed as Rabbi in residence at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, overseeing Lifestyle’s year-round Kosher Vacation Experience featuring a full kosher kitchen, a kosher restaurant with a buffet and an a la carte menu, orthodox synagogue, rabbinical services and a planned kosher villa environment.

Israel Levin is a 2000 graduate of Tel Aviv University with an education in computer science and computer maintenance. He is fluent in Hebrew, English and Yiddish. His work experience includes a career as mashgiach for kosher restaurant kitchens in Miami and Hollywood, Florida, as well as bookkeeping, office management and sales positions for real estate, appliance and jewelry companies in Israel 

Religious items at the Shul - synagogue:

Tallitot –Prayer shawls –used during prayer weekday or Shabbat - by men only. Gross Kipot-Head Covers for men –placed by entrance of synagogue. Gross Ladies Caps- for women only- placed by entrance of synagogue. Chalah covers-to cover challah bread used on Shabbat and Jewish holidays.